A nice new Lidl shop!
that is the

Akor guarantee.
Richard Voortman Plan developer

A nice new Lidl shop!


The new Lidl in Lochem is one in the Top Ten of the largest Lidl branches in the Netherlands. Special is that this shop has an indoor loading and unloading dock. 

The people of AKOR took care of the complete finishing for this new Lidl branch. Nothing special in itself, but that it was our first complete completion of a new building.

Client:Lidl Nederland
What does our team have to say about this project?

”For AKOR it was the first complete dismantling for Lidl. This took some getting used to at the beginning and searching for the right information. But thanks to the good cooperation with Lidl, we managed to finish the work on time, so that the shop could open its doors on the planned date.”

Richard VoortmanPlan developer