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Our team consists of experts with passion for their specialty. Their strengths are customised craftsmanship and contributing to creative solutions and possibilities. To guarantee and maintain this high level of professionalism, AKOR is VCA certified (two stars), an accredited Fundeon training organisation, a recognised member of Bouwend Nederland and Stichting Woningborg, and we work with FSC lumber.

Non-residential construction / Retail

Carpentry Non-residential contruction/Retail

Gerrit-Jan Tijhuis Carpenter
Nico Haase Carpenter
Ryan van Losser Carpenter
Jan Egberts Carpenter
Rene de Wilde Carpenter
Mark Voortman Carpenter
Henri van Wees Carpenter
Erik Keizer (sr.) Carpenter
Maarten Kerkhoff Carpenter
Adrian Fokker Carpenter
Albert ten Hove Carpenter
Stephan Goes Carpenter
Edwin Kersloot Carpenter
Peter Dekker Carpenter
Ben Tijhof Carpenter
John Lubbers Carpenter
Dick Haase Carpenter
Henk Zandvoort Carpenter
Hans Tijhuis Carpenter
Bert-Jan Roelofs Carpenter
John ten Hove Carpenter
Jan Peter Oost Carpenter

Apprentices Non-residential contruction/Retail

Jordi Ravenshorst Apprentice
Ruben Reekers Apprentice
Joost Rozemuller Apprentice
Frank Floor Apprentice
Tom Hosmar Apprentice

Implementation Non-residential contruction/Retail

Huig van Duijvenvoorde Foreman
Jan Slagman (sr.) Foreman
Ruud Dollenkamp Foreman
Gertjan Pijffers Foreman
Leo Valkonet Foreman
Hans van Dijk Foreman
Jan Beverdam Foreman
Henk Hamoen Foreman
Rick Bouwhuis Foreman
Jan ten Hove Foreman
Marien Nijsink Foreman
Henry Scheppink Foreman

Assisting Implementation Non-residential contruction/Retail

Erik Keizer (jr.) Assisting foreman
Laurens Jannink Assisting foreman
Gerben Koppelman Assisting foreman
Albert van Dalfsen Assisting foreman
Harmen Vosgezang Assisting foreman

Surveying Non-residential contruction/Retail

Andries de Wilde Surveyor
Fred Huigen Surveyor

Work preparation Non-residential contruction/Retail

Ronny Bakker Work planner
Jan-Arne Lankamp Work planner
Chiel Silderhuis Work planner
Ramon Prins Work planner
Rene Otten Work planner
Jarno Voortman Work planner
Osman Yaz Work planner
Nick Kuipers Work planner
Stefan Altena Work planner
Jannick Koedijk Work planner
Linda Koster Work planner
Frank Kamsteeg Work planner
Martin Guis Work planner
Rudy Notkamp Work planner
Cars Wiegmann Work planner
Daan Oude Vrielink Work planner

Project management Non-residential contruction/Retail

Jan Nijkamp Project leader
Arnold Haase Project leader
Herman Krabbenbos Project leader
Bert-Jan van de Maat Project leader
Wilbert Hilverda Project leader
Jan Schulenburg Project leader
Gert Jan Brunnenkreef Project leader
Niek Nijsink Project leader
Jan-Mark Timmerman Project leader
Richard Voortman Project leader

BIM Coordination Non-residential contruction/Retail

Lisa-Daimy Werter BIM Coordinator

Service & Maintenance

Carpentry service

Martijn Claus Carpenter service
Erwin ten Hove Carpenter service
Jan Dannenberg Carpenter service
Matthijs Mensink Carpenter service
Dinant Nijland Carpenter service
Christian Baan Carpenter service
Gert Grooten Carpenter service

Work planning Service & Maintenance

Frank Derksen Work planner Service & Maintenance
Edwin Raats Work planner Service & Maintenance

Project management Service & Maintenance

Marten Baan Project management Service & Maintenance

Minor Construction

All-round carpentry

Paul Elsman Carpenter all-round
Arjan Harbers Carpenter all-round
Johan ter Harmsel Carpenter all-round
Jan Slagman (jr.) Carpenter all-round
Jan Herm Klein Legtenberg Carpenter all-round
Jan Bouwhuis Carpenter all-round
Dinand Aaltink Carpenter all-round
Jan Willem Pluimers Carpenter all-round
Mark van Putten Carpenter all-round
Hans van Losser Carpenter all-round
Johnny ter Harmsel Carpenter all-round

Work preparation minor construction

Wim Harbers Work planner minor construction
Gerald Voortman Work planner minor construction
Geert Jan Strokap Work planner minor construction
Julian Pijffers Work planner minor construction
Rolf Wolterink Work planner minor construction

Project management minor construction

Arjan Ligtenberg Project management minor construction
Gerard Baan Project management minor construction
Jonny Fokke Project management minor construction
Harry Wolterink Project management minor construction


Materials department

Jan Tijhof Materials department
Erwin Tempert Materials department

Assembly team

Maick Nijland Assembly team

Head workshop

Gerrit-Jan ten Hove Head workshop

Front office

Account management

Bert Voortman Account manager
John van Spanje Account manager


Martin Floor Calculator
Gert-Jan Voortman Calculator
Arjan Strokap Calculator

Procurement Front office

Richard Achterkamp Procurement officer Front office

Personnel scheduling

Mandrik Groot Baltink Planner personnel

Plan development

Andre Smeijers Plan developer

Back office


Ida Kienhuis Administrator
Dianne Vlogtman Administrator
Jolande Voortman Administrator
Nathalie Visser Administrator
Joost Postma Administrator
Anke Leeftink Administrator

Procurement Back office

Petra Gerritsen Procurement officer

Marketing & Communication

Ingrid Keestra Marketing advisor

Human Resource

Lobke Nekkers Human Resource employee

Reception desk

Anita Freriks Reception desk employee
Arja Slagman Reception desk employee

Board of directors

Company management

Richard Fransen Company manager

Deputy Commercial Director

Martin van Gent Deputy Commercial Director

Technical director

Berend Baan Technical director

General director

Edwin Postma General director
The AKOR team makes it happen!