The Sting


In the city center of Doetinchem we have rebuilt the shop of The Sting. This store chain originally comes from the Netherlands and is part of the The Sting House of Brands, which has clothes shops in the Netherlands, Belgium, Germany and England.

For Gilsing Beheer we demolished the whole existing interior, up to the architectural walls and ceilings. The job also demanded to reunite the void and the elevator shaftson the 1st floor to one big flat floor surface.






Logo Gilsing Beheer
Client:Gilsing Beheer
What does our team have to say about this project?

”During the demolition we discovered that the 1st floor consisted of 30% concrete and 70% weak layer of wood. After consulting the client/tenant and manufacturer, we decided to install additional steel in the floor, containing wooden beams and dovetail joints. This was finished with concrete and monolith. ”

Photo: Wim Harbers:Work planner minor construction
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