McDonald's Hardenberg up to date again!
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Ingrid Keestra Marketing advisor
29 Sep 2021

McDonald's Hardenberg up to date again!

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On 24 September our McDonald's team delivered the branch in Hardenberg: once again we had a pleasant working relationship with Reinier Hiddink, Marcel Dijkstra, Esther Schreurs and Thijs Nijsink:

- replacement of the entire drive, including digital menu boards and double drive

- Extension of the booth with a 3rd window

- Lobby adjustment with McCafé

- Complete replacement of the kitchen

- Extension of the back area and

- Terrace modification

Arjan Visker, Mark Voortman, Ben Tijhof, Wilco Slagman, Fred Huijgen, Marian, Gabi, Paul Elsman and all others thank you for your efforts!