Succesful redevelopment of the Weeshuispassage
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Akor guarantee.
Niek Nijsink Project leader

Succesful redevelopment of the Weeshuispassage


The Weeshuispassage dates back to the sixties and was largely empty. Time for a thorough redevelopment of this beautiful place in the centre of Zwolle! 

A design by architect Daan van der Vlist of EUP was the starting point for the people of AKOR: all facades were renovated and empty units were put together for a new shop for Costes. The premises of WE and Eyewish were also given a new facade. In this way, the WeeshuisPassage is once again an asset to Zwolle!


Client:ZW.E.M. B.V. en Weeshuispassage Zwolle Beherend Vennoot B.V.
What does our team have to say about this project?

”Proud of the result of this fantastic facade transformation and the pleasant cooperation with EC.P!”

Niek NijsinkProject leader