Renowned retail concept!
Hofpassage Enschede
Bert-Jan van de Maat Project leader

Hofpassage Enschede

Renowned retail concept!

The historic Hofpassage on the Van Heekplein in Enschede received a new retail concept via Elizen Vastgoed. The new concept included Zara, Scotch&Soda and Schuurman schoenen. This redevelopment was awarded the Twentse Vastgoed Prijs 2017. AKOR is proud to have contributed to this!

From the jury report
"Elizen Vastgoed and real estate developer 3W were successful in bringing sustainable and positive change to the heart of Enschede with its restoration concept for the historic Hofpassage.  The new design has breathed new life into the Langestraat, following a challenging period throughout the past years.

The project was defined by the Van Heekplein’s high-quality architecture which emphasises Zara’s international allure. The side length of the Langestraat features a seamless transition to the city’s historic character. The total redevelopment budget amounted to 5.6 million euros.”

Logo Elizen Vastgoed
Client:Elizen Vastgoed
What does our team have to say about this project?

”We implemented this urban demolition and renovation project (for which our competitors shied away) to the complete satisfaction of our client. ”

Photo: Bert-Jan van de Maat:Project leader
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