Buildings restored to their former glory!
that is the

Akor guarantee.

Buildings restored to their former glory!


This construction consisted of 2 parts:

1. structural work inside for retail chain NewYorker 

2. reconstruction works on the monumental exterior

We restored these two buildings on the Vismarkt in Groningen. According to Taco Tel, building historian of the municipality of Groningen, the left building probably dates from the 14th century and the right building from the 16th century. The joined building previously housed a branch of the shoe shop Scapino.

This renovation gave the façades of numbers 35 and 37 back their individual character. In terms of appearance, the original situation was approached as closely as possible, for example by opting for an appropriate colour scheme based on the brick colour underneath (left-hand side) and by reinstating decorations by the plasterer. The right-hand building was given an ochre colour.

All this required a long preparation: the right ornaments had to be found and there was a lot of consultation to make the right decisions. But it worked out well, judging by the message we received from someone from the municipality of Groningen:

"Unbelievable... How wonderful! You have made something really wonderful out of this! On behalf of all monument lovers in the Netherlands, THANK YOU!


Client:Elizen Vastgoedgroep