Contract A.J. Ernststraat Amsterdam signed!
Ingrid Keestra Marketing advisor
22 Sep 2021

Contract A.J. Ernststraat Amsterdam signed!

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The contract has been signed for a great project by AKOR in collaboration with developer DVP: it involves the 'topping up' of existing real estate on the A.J. Ernststraat in Amsterdam! On top of 40 existing flats, we are building an extra layer with another 10 flats, all in the same style.

This is all part of Creative City Solutions: 
"We create future-oriented living space at existing locations where improvement of the living environment, financial feasibility and sustainability are key."

The start of the project will be in December 2021 and the completion in 2022. 

From left to right in the picture with 4: Martin van Gent, Levi Koppenhol, Daly Klaassen and Richard Fransen. 


The AKOR team makes it happen!