Albert van Dalfsen Assisting foreman



From Bouwwereld:

With the addition of two levels and the installation of white balconies, the Thorbecketoren has become Bellavista residential tower. The constructive core was extensively modified and invisible suspension was designed for the balconies.

The concrete stabiliser core proved to be a significant obstacle. The objective was to construct eight 80m2 apartments per level from the 3rd to the 12th floor. With a lateral core including two stairwells, four lifts and sanitary facilities, the space proved insufficient for a suitable apartment. Moreover, the doorways were situated incorrectly and did not conform to current clearance height standards.

Contracting firm AKOR delivered the redeeming Eureka moment. Rode: “The decision to deconstruct a portion of the stable core to create more, and improved, living areas was a crucial and required constructional ingenuity.”


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Location:Den Haag
What does our team have to say about this project?

”For this project, we devised a clever suspension system with steel consoles. This will prevent shifting of the balcony platform. ”

Photo: Albert van Dalfsen:Assisting foreman
The AKOR team makes it happen!